Yuntu Concept could show new direction for Jeep

Added: 23 May 2017

For more than 75 years Jeep have been pioneers in the automotive industry, frontrunners through the evolution of the 4x4.  Now, more than ever, demand for a larger car, an SUV and more specifically a 4x4 is higher than ever before as people look to travel in comfort with their family and loved ones.  This increase in desire for a larger cars is a worldwide phenomenon, whether you’re in America, the Far East, Europe or Australasia, the current automotive climate seems to breathe ‘bigger is better’.  With the increase in demand there has also been an increase in competition and Jeep have always been aware of this and it continues to deliver innovative & evolutionary ideas to stay at the front of the pack.

The American manufacturer has a huge presence in the Chinese market with over 130,000 units sold in 2016, and now as we progress through 2017 Jeep is looking to push further with its grasp on the market. At this year’s Shanghai Motor Show, the 4x4 specialists showed off their brand-new Yuntu Concept. The Yuntu is specifically designed with the Chinese market in mind, however many of the ideas and stylings used within it, will more than likely end up on UK shores. The Yuntu combines a bold and impressive SUV with a sustainable plug-in hybrid engine. It’s the first time Jeep have ventured into the ever-growing plug-in market and shows a signal of their intent.

Although we know the new concept will be their first plug-in powertrain, we are yet to hear too much in the way of detail. Jeep are keeping their cards close to their chest as they make the big step into the relative unknown.  Jeep will look to use the Chinese market and the Yuntu to gauge where they are at in relation to their competitors before rolling out a European and American version of the SUV. With Jeep set to introduce a new Wrangler in 2018, it may be the perfect model to introduce a plug-in hybrid version some months down the line.  Although Jeep did introduce a fully electric Wrangler concept in 2008, it’s believed that Jeep has ruled out going fully electric and that a hybrid power option suits both theirs, and their customers’ needs more appropriately.

As for design the Yuntu offers an insight into Jeep’s plans for future models. Up at the front the Yuntu boasts a distinctive Jeep look with the trademark grille and contemporary lighting, whilst the rear gets a beefy, new D-Pullar and smart LED taillights.  Once inside the cabin, the atmosphere is light and airy, with use of modern pale light woods. The modern appearance is finished off with a large digital display that runs the length of the dashboard.

We are yet to hear when the Yuntu Concept will be rolled out for production, but one things for sure, it shows that exciting new times lie ahead for Jeep. Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest developments, or as ever, get in touch today to discuss your Jeep needs.