World Preview of First Battery Electric Fiat Professional Ducato Van

Added: 17 September 2019

100% electic ducato

Are you looking for a new van for your business? If so, then you might want to consider a Fiat Professional Ducato Van. Recently announced for the market this is the first battery-electric van in this class. At Ian Grieve, we are delighted to be able to offer this option to our customers and are confident you won’t be disappointed with this vehicle. 

A New Class of Fiat Ducato

As mentioned, the Ducato Electric Van is the first of its type on the market and was developed with a year of customer data to ensure the absolute best solution. Fiat worked to produce the ultimate electric vehicle after noting that their customers were keen to gain the benefits of this technology. The aim of the van was to ensure that it was suitable for every type of mission on the road and that it would suit a range of different business models. 

Key Specs

A key component when purchasing an electric vehicle, specifically for business use is always going to be the range. You need to make sure that this is going to suit your needs on the roads. This vehicle will provide a range of between 136 and 223 miles depending on the option you choose. It also has a range of different charging configurations to ensure that you don’t have to worry about charging put you behind schedule. 

Ultimately, the vehicle will provide an impressive level of power to drivers. That’s due to the top speed being limited to 62mph which offers a torque of 280 Nm and a max power level of 90 kW. It also provides an incredible payload of 1,950 kg and load volumes up to 17 m3. 

What Does This Mean for Fiat?

Ultimately, this means that Fiat is ready to offer its customers a 100% electric vehicle that is going to provide the benefits that they need on the road. It will ensure that business owners can benefit from this new tech and gain all the great advantages of introducing an EV into their transportation solution. 

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are a number of key advantages of electric vehicle technology for a modern business. One of the top reasons to choose an EV or even a fleet of EVs is for fuel savings. With fully electric vehicles you will no longer be trapped by high fuel prices that will almost certainly rise over the next few years. Electric power is also green-friendly ensuring that you can eliminate the carbon footprint of your business or at the very least, significantly reduce it. This could vastly improve the reputation of your business and ensure that you are reaching your environmental goals. 

The Fiat Ducato Electric Van also proves that EVs won’t limit the power or performance you have on the road. You can still gain an impressive payload and with charge times constantly improving powering your vehicle isn’t going to slow your business down. 

We hope this helps you determine whether the new Fiat Ducato Electric vehicle could be the right choice for you.