Updated 2020 Suzuki Ignis

Added: 24 April 2020

The Suzuki Ignis has long been a popular vehicle with drivers, thanks in large part to its appealing design, innovative engineering, and abundance of features. The 2020 incarnation of the Mild-hybrid Electric Vehicle will be available from April and promises to develop much of what the public has always loved about the Japanese manufacturer’s offerings. Indeed, the idea behind the upgrades is ‘evolution, not revolution.’ The car still very much feels and looks like an Ignis, yet has been given some subtle improvements both inside and out that’ll make it attractive to the drivers of 2020.

Let’s begin with the exterior changes. Suzuki has changed the front so that the Ignis looks part of Suzuki’s SUV family; it now has a five-slot grille. The bumpers have also been developed. One of the minor criticisms of the older Ignis models was that they looked a little too light, and the manufacturer has chosen to remedy this problem by adding a silver trim to both the front and back bumpers, which helps to make the car look tougher. The manufacturer has made the Ignis available in the same colours as before, with a few new additions -- - Caravan Ivory Pearl, Rush Yellow, and Tough Khaki Pearl are all now on the list of options for buyers.

The inside still very much resembles the looks of the older Ignis, with most everything in the same place as before, but there have been some welcome changes made. You can now choose from a variety of colour combinations, which give the buyer more choice. Perhaps the most notable difference to be found is in the infotainment system, which has much improved. On the display, you’ll find your crucial driving information displayed, while there’s also plenty of options when it comes to connecting your phone and music. 

The cosmetic aspects of the upgrade might be subtle, but under the hood, Suzuki has made some big improvements. Indeed, it feels like the advances made in the engine were the driving force behind the upgrade. Powering the vehicle is a 1.2 litre Dualjet unit, and there’s a more efficient battery system too. The engine can garner more energy during the deceleration process, which will then assist in the acceleration process. That’s because it’s no longer a 3Ah battery; it’s a 10Ah battery. That means more time on the road is powered by greener, more cost-efficient energy than ever before. There’s an automatic option for people that prefer to drive their vehicles stress-free, the first time that option has been made available with this vehicle.

Ultimately, those who like what Suzuki has done with the Ignis will find that there’s much to love about the latest model. It has managed to retain it’s quirky design and slightly different vibe, while also offering high-performance. 

The vehicle will be in showrooms from April, with the UK the first country where the car is available. If you’d like to know more about the Suzuki Ignis, then pay a visit to Ian Greave, your local Suzuki dealer.