Top Three SUV Road Trips in the UK You HAVE to Drive

Added: 15 March 2017

When it comes to getting out and about in your new SUV, you want somewhere that’s going to put it through its paces. Somewhere that’s going to reward your commitment to the road with exciting twists and turns, flowing tarmac, a little bit of off-road exploration perhaps, and of course, beautiful, inimitable views. At Ian Grieve, we know just how advantageous it is to own a Jeep, Subaru or Suzuki SUV, or even an Izsuzu pickup, and how that can open up new avenues of adventure on the road. Here then are our TOP places to take your new terrain tackler!

Abergwesyn Pass, The Cambrian Mountains, Wales

Wales is one of a kind. Think of sprawling, rolling greenery, arching, flowing hills, rocky, slate-filled mountains and tiny, knee-high walls, and you’re thinking of much of the Welsh countryside. This road in particular is one of the country’s finest assets, delivering steep climbs, narrow drops, tight corners and an altogether adrenaline-pumping journey to nature’s very own paradise. If you’re not awed by the views here, we can only assume you kept your eyes closed. Jump in an Isuzu double cab pick-up, or a Jeep Renegade for an exciting drive and that rugged off –road capability on tap!

The North Devon/Cornwall Atlantic Highway

A winding, weaving, seemingly endless road on the tip of England’s right foot, the ‘Atlantic Highway’ runs through North Devon and North Cornwall all along the A39. A relentless, pervading natural beauty is present all the way down, while the route is also littered with historical attractions and incredible coastal scenes that might just make you get out of the car for a moment. The luxury drive of a Jeep Cherokee or a Subaru Forester would be ideal for this journey, while the Suzuki Ignis’ economic and exciting interior makes this one a fun and frugal getaway route!

By roger geach, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Scotland’s A82 from Balloch/Loch Ness

Stretching out across an astonishing 140 miles, this route packs in a whopping TEN lochs, Ben Nevis itself, and more beautiful, arresting Scottish country than you can ever hope to want to see. The tarmac snakes satisfyingly through the hills, and the scenery’s versatile and ever-changing beauty means whether your foot is to the floor or if you’re taking a gentle vehicular stroll, you will wonder why you’ve never driven this road before. The Jeep Grand Cherokee would make light work of these roads, offering maximum comfort for the full length of the journey, while also offering all the mettle you could wish for underfoot. Similarly a Subaru Outback offers stunning interior quality, excellent for the longer trips and an Isuzu AT35 might be the best combination of practicality, power and comfort!

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