Suzuki Withdraw Diesel Engines

Added: 15 May 2018

Suzuki have taken the decision to drop all diesel models from their current range of vehicles as demand for the black-pump powered cars diminishes. The plummet for diesel sales is best highlighted by the 37.1% year-on-year decline in diesel sales for March period which provides a stark reality for the fuels future and signals the reasoning for the Japanese manufacturers’ halt in proceedings. Unlike other manufacturers, Suzuki haven’t committed to never producing diesel engines again, but have seen now as a sensible time to withdraw and plan a future with a more sustainable fuel. With the ever-increasing demand to produce super eco-friendly cars that comply with EU regulations, the withdrawal may be seen as a wise decision to invest in more efficient petrol engines, and not to potentially throw more money at diesel engines with the appearing impending doom surrounding them.

Suzuki badge

Suzuki Boosterjet Engines On the Rise

Suzuki only offered one diesel engine in the current range – a 1.6 litre DDiS – that was available on both the Vitara and the SX4 S-Cross. Unsurprisingly, this translated into just over 1,000 diesel sales in the UK – just over 3% of total sales – so is unlikely to have any significant impact on demand. This is even more evident by the rising demand for the highly efficient Boosterjet engines across the Suzuki range. Suzuki have also haltered production on the Jimny as they sell the remaining stock ahead of the introduction of its brand-new successor in 2019.

Suzuki Aim For Green Future

Suzuki’s decision to pull diesel engines from their range will not come as a surprise to many, and will see them with the forerunners in the market looking to commit to a more sustainable and environmentally future for the automotive industry. Keep your eyes peeled for all the latest developments!