Subaru Voted Best for Safety Features in 2019 Driver Power Survey

Added: 03 September 2019

When you choose a new vehicle road safety is always going to be a top concern. You want to make sure that you are providing the absolute highest level of protection for anyone in your vehicle. That’s why at Ian Grieve in Falkirk, we are pleased to be able to offer Subaru cars. Indeed, Subaru was recently voted best for safety features this year by Driver Power Survey.

The survey reviewed 29 other manufacturers and assessed a wide range of different safety features. So, to claim the top spot is certainly impressive, even if it’s not particularly surprising. After all, safety has always been a key element for Subaru during the development of their vehicles.

Indeed, the company was one of the first to implement crash testing back in the 1960s. This was quite some time before industry-wide testing was introduced. As well as this, all Subaru SUVs have received the top 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, highlighting even more evidence of their commitment to protecting both drivers and passengers. These cars come with a wide range of different safety tech included too. This is to ensure the welfare of all road users rather than just those who are driving Subaru vehicles.

What Does the Driver Power Survey Mean?

Ultimately, it means that Subaru has been recognised for the high standard and quality of its safety systems. It is nothing short of a testament to the commitment the brand has to provide the best and safest vehicles on the market today. Indeed, the most significant safety features are also fitted as standard on the SUVs that Subaru sells.

The award is in part due to the Subaru EyeSight system. The new feature provides a range of different safety systems. These are designed to scan the roads ahead and eliminate issues with unforeseen hazards that could cause accidents. The survey is based on the opinions of owners who consistently praised the safety features and it helped put the company beyond the level of some substantially larger manufacturers on the market.

It’s certainly key that this survey was based on ratings by consumers. This means that the results are from people who have actually been behind the wheels of these cars and have used them on a day to day basis. This highlights the validity of the results and safety isn’t the only factor that users rated highly. Indeed, they were also impressed with both storage and the build of the vehicle. Scores suggested that the cars were reliable as well as safe.

What’s Next for Subaru and Vehicle Safety?

The company is working hard to improve safety levels even further in their vehicles. Indeed, by 2030, the company is aiming to eliminate all deaths caused by traffic accidents that involved Subaru vehicles.

We hope this helps you understand why Subaru could be the absolute best choice, particularly for families looking for the perfect vehicle to keep everyone safe. Subaru is constantly working to improve safety standards and they may well achieve their 2030 goal.