Subaru confirms EV to hit Europe

Added: 14 January 2021

New Subaru EV coming soon

Pure-electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in the new decade, and not only that, more feasible for production and sale. For that reason, the most respected and proven manufacturers are trying their hand at releasing production models.

As such, Subaru have joined the Electric Vehicle race with their EV, rumoured to be called the ‘Evoltis’.

This new electric model is confirmed to be releasing in 2021 and will be available in Europe. This comes as a result of their dedication to reducing fuel emission in Europe, as they have proven already with the Forester and XV, the former offering an E-Boxer hybrid version. Unfortunately, the new BRZ will not be available in Europe at this time.

What We Know

Sadly, Subaru have released little information regarding the EV and its technical details, but there are some facts to consider.

First, Subaru have been using the joint relationship with Toyoga to develop an electric car platform as e-TNGA.

We also are aware of the general size and dimensions of the new Subaru EV, as it has been confirmed to be similar in stature to their Forester model.

Why This Is Interesting

Of course, most people think of Subaru as the rally aficionado, so the fact they are investing fully in electric, perhaps pioneering some of the latest and greatest tech alongside Toyota, is interesting in itself. Of course, Subaru are also hoping to ensure that all-electric or hybrid vehicles make up to 40% of their sales by the end of the decade, so it’s not hard to see why they’re ensuring they take a renewed focus going forward.

That said, there are also interesting extras. For instance, the e-TNGA platform is not just a model, but a set of modular components that are available to fit on a range of various car body styles. It’s not hard to see just how this innovates engine installations and hybrid design from here on out.

What Will It Offer?

According to the e-TNGA platform’s press releases, Toyota states that the new platform will make the best of both brand’s joint partnership. This means that the adaptable platform will be not only permissive of two or four wheel drive vehicles, but it will be scalable to future models, including saloon cars and SUV’s.

Electric motors, in this fashion, are installed on the front axle as well as a low-impact and mountanted battery pack.

Look Forward To The Future

It’s been very interesting to see how major vehicle manufacturers are weighing in with their own renditions of PEHV's and Pure-Electric models. As this video by one of the foremost cultural authority on vehicles shows, the future is anything but boring.

With Subaru itself aiming to reduce average C02 emissions of its production line by 90 percent before 2050 comes, it’s not hard to see how efficiency, thorough design, user comfort and road experience has culminated in one of the most interesting and futuristic automotive competitions worth paying attention to.

We, personally, can’t wait to see the results, and Subaru’s fascinating new electric vehicle.

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