Some Of The Best Places To Take Your Jeep.

Added: 28 November 2017

When you have a Jeep, or any 4x4 for that matter, you can’t help put want to test the suspension and make full use of the cars design. This is why we’ve created a list of places ideal for those rugged road ravers who want to make the most of the off-roading available to them. Read on for the best locations to embrace the 4x4 experience!

Swaledale, Yorkshire Dales

This Northern England wonder has a 17.5 mile-long trail filled with obstacles for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a biker, cyclist, or 4x4 driver, you can enjoy the hills whilst taking in the breath-taking scenery.

Yorkshire Dales

Perthshire Off-road, Perthshire

Make the most of your Jeep at this location as Perthshire Off-road lets you drive your own vehicle on their fun terrain. Alternatively, if you don’t want to ruin your car, you can hire 4x4s or quad bikes to tackle the countryside, for a different outdoor experience.

Perthshire Off-Roading

Ultra Adventure Driving, Wrexham

Based in Northern England and Wales, Ultra Adventure Driving provides genuine 4x4 experiences. You can get the best driving fun by tackling mud, waterways, climbs, rocky paths, which will be a breeze in your Jeep.

Adventure Driving

Silverstone, Towcester

Whilst Silverstone is best known for its motor racing circuit in England, it also has an off-roading area so drivers that want to get a more rugged driving experience can take on the challenges and obstacles on their course. No matter what the car’s abilities are, the off-road circuit is tailored to different capabilities, so you will be sure to have a great time!


Knockhill 4x4 Off-Road Experiences, Fife

In the heart of Scotland, the Knockhill circuit has a perfect Scottish landscape backdrop to hire a 4x4 and let loose on the multiple off-roading routes available. The hilly terrains are one of many obstacles you can expect, along with inclines, steep descents, side slipes, low traction surfaces and water crossings, which will surely test your driving skills as well as being a fun day out.


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