Jeep Boss reveals EV masterplan

Added: 04 June 2020

Jeep has recently unveiled plans for an exciting future for the brand, with rumours of an electric future. Jeep’s boss, Christian Meunier, has unleashed a barrage of information relating to the brand’s plans, with details focusing on how they plan to create as many Jeep cars as possible. It will begin with three brand new electrified models, penned as Compass, Renegade and Wrangler, all of which are set to launch in early 2021. These models make-up half of Jeep’s lineup and they are set to create a whole new electric lineup over the course of the decade. By 2022, Jeep also hopes to have every model remodelled in electric form, taking the brand onto the path of sustainability. Jeep is not the only car manufacturer to convert their models, but the very real topic of sustainability has proven to be a vital one across many industries but the car industry in particular has felt the need to make breakthroughs. 

Jeep has always remained innovative in their work, taking different routes to their competitors, Land Rover. Jeep has left most of the Wrangler model as it was, and changed everything else, with a brand new feel and look, the drive of the Wrangler, is both smooth and easy. It still aesthetically remains true to its roots, but now it is set to be electrified. It will have a plug-in hybrid 4xe model which is set to launch at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show next year.

As the date looms for the UK launch, it is believed that the first Jeep car to hit UK markets will be the plug-in hybrid version of the Renegade. This is likely to first be seen in September. The Jeep Renegade is a sturdy reliable engine, which is set to offer a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. This will be charged by a battery pack and an electric motor which will give a combined output of 187bhp or 237bhp. Both systems create a powerful punch, however it will be the 238bhp that will first be launched, an impressive system which will be able to reach 0-62mph in around seven seconds. It also is leading the way in terms of sustainability, the low CO2 emissions make this a clear winner for those choosing a new electric car for the decade. The CO2 emissions for the Renegade will be even lower than 50g/km. 

Jeep has also created an electric all-wheel-drive-system which enhances the power of the engine. The front wheels will be powered by an internal combustion engine but the rear wheels will be powered by the eclectic motor, which will reinforce Jeep’s off-road performance and its robust systems. Jeep has carved a clear path in their sustainability efforts and with the added capabilities will make this a clear winner. Faster acceleration, powerful systems, and a relaxed drive make the Jeep models a pleasure to drive, and have both power and safety at their core. 

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