Isuzu D-Max Awarded ‘Pick-up of the Year’ 2019 by Pick-up & 4x4 Pro

Added: 11 February 2019

isuzu dmax

The Isuzu D-Max has been given the prestigious pick-up of the year 2019 award. From Pick-up and 4x4 Pro, the award marks a tremendous achievement in design, style and practicality of a vehicle. The new Isuzu D-Max is certainly worthy of such an achievement with killer features and clever designs that will serve drivers well on the roads. Let’s dive into this new pickup truck and discover some of the features that ensured it came out on top.

Powerful Performance

The Isuzu D-Max certainly packs a punch on the road. This is certainly due to its 1.9-litre engine which provides 163 horsepower as well as a lot of torque. The vehicle is available with both an automatic and manual gearbox that is ripped from previous models. Speaking of the gearbox, it handles beautifully with smooth transitions and the car is more than capable of pulling away in second. 

Despite having a powerful engine, you’ll barely hear it when you’re on the road and in the cabin. Instead, it settles into a low murmur that only really becomes a little too aggressive when you’re getting the car going. The D-Max also provides a brilliant level of handling that can rival the top performers on the market and offers suspension designed specifically for carrying heavy loads.

Fantastic Load Space

Instead of using a double cab like most other manufacturers these days, Isuzu has decided to stick with a single cab and other extended variants of the utility model. Measuring at 2,305mm by 1,570mm, the single cab is still big enough for your needs. It can also support a maximum weight of 1,282kg which should be enough for everything you could possibly need. Isuzu has managed to maintain their title of best all-out carry capacity, even though there is not much between this model and the Navara.

Safe and Completely Reliable

The D-Max comes with ABS brakes for safety, and traction control with ESC as is standard. Further than this though you will find that the front and back bumper have been redesigned so that if you do crash, the impact is going to be less harsh to the passengers.

Even though it is one of the most reliable cars you could purchase right now, Isuzu is still offering you a five-year warranty. This should give you some indication about how confident Isuzu is in their latest model, and every person who has owned one of these has said the same thing: it is completely reliable.

Stylish Interior

Minimal interior design makes things clean and simple inside the cabin. This ensures that the vehicle is perfect for work use. That said, the interior still provides some of the best home comforts that drivers have come to expect from this model. That includes Bluetooth connectivity and a top air conditioning system. If you decide to pay a little more for the Eiger trim you get some incredible features including a touch screen display, cruise control and a reversing camera all built in.

Highly Recommended

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why the D-Max was awarded such a great honour. It’s an impressive vehicle and a tremendous entry into the pickup market for 2019. 

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