Isuzu Announces New D-Max Workman+ Double Cab Special Edition

Added: 21 October 2019

Isuzu D-Max Workman

There comes a time in every professional’s career when they ask themselves this honest question. Are they working hard? Or are they working smart? Very often the difference is found not in the professional’s work ethic but in the tools of the trade. That’s why all at Ian Grieve in Falkirk are delighted to tell you all about Isuzu’s new D-Max Workman+ Double Cab Special Edition. A vehicle dedicated to helping professionals of all kinds to work smarter!

Sounds great… But what is it?

The Workman+ is essentially a special edition in the Isuzu brand’s popular D-Max range, and production volume is limited to 125 vehicles in total. The Workman+ is exclusively available in a manual transmission to give drivers more control and performance where they need it most.

What makes the Workman+ so special?

Glad you asked! When you’re a hardworking professional you need to make sure that your vehicle is always working as hard as you are. The Workman+ is designed to give professional users more for their money while retaining all the features of the multi award-winning Isuzu D-Max Utility. When compared to a standard plus it has a host of features that help provide robust performance, safety and entertainment while on the road.

Some of our favourite features include.

• 18” Alloy Wheels
• Rear Load Liner
• Side Steps
• Tow Bar & 13 Pin Electrics
• Full Size Spare Alloy Wheel
• Reversing Camera
• DAB Radio

Who is the Workman+ for?

There are lots of different kinds of customers who will get a lot out of this professional vehicle. However, it’s designed with the needs of trade customers and those in the agricultural industry in mind. Everything about the Workman+’s spec is geared towards providing practical solutions to common challenges encountered by farmers, tradesmen and other such professionals.

Customers have a choice of either over rail or under rail load liner fitting depending on their preference. The vehicle retains its incredible 3.5 tonne towing and the tow bar and 13 pin electrics offer full compatibility with trailers that have LED lights.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Of course, your comfort is important and the Workman+ offers the kind of spacious and comfortable interior you would expect from the brand. An extremely useful new feature is the reversing camera which is mounted under the rear bumper, and transmits an image that is displayed in your rear-view mirror. The audio system has also been upgraded and now includes a DAB radio.

But the outside is no slouch, either!

The exterior combines a premium aesthetic (thanks in no small part to the 18” alloy wheels) with rugged features like the side steps to increase convenience. There’s also a full-size spare alloy wheel in the boot and locking wheel nuts are included as standard.

The Workman+ is available in five colours:

• Splash White
• Titanium Silver Met
• Obsidian Grey Mica
• Cosmic Black Mica
• Sapphire Blue Mica
• Cosmic Black
• Sapphire Blue

The latter two are usually restricted to premium models but a limited volume has been made available for Workman+.

Warranty that brings you peace of mind

Finally, drivers can enjoy long-lasting peace of mind as the Workman+ retains its 5-year warranty along with 5-year roadside assistance in the UK and all over Europe.

Want to know more? Get in touch today!

We can’t wait to tell you more about this stunning yet rugged working vehicle. Get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment or book a test drive.