Did You See The Fiat Tipo At This Year’s Geneva Motor Show?

Added: 22 March 2018

This year, Fiat celebrate the 30th birthday of the Tipo – one of the brands key C-segment models. Reintroduced in 2015, this traditional Fiat model has made its latest debut at the Geneva Motor Show, exemplifying the practicality, usefulness and simplicity that has always been associated with this car. With over 2,000 people contributing to the development of this new model, testing the Tipo in every extreme weather condition to bring this fantastic new model to 50 countries in the EMEA Region!

Fiat Tido

Rejuvenated Fiat Classic

Renovated with a sportier look than previous models, the larger wheels, sporty interior, and improved accents make upgrade the Tipo from its past life of simpler design and basic functionality. Its increased usability in the interior of the Tipo makes every passenger’s journey more comfortable, and is perfect for every drivers’ needs with 60/40 split folding rear seats which increase he 440 litre boot for maximum use of the cars space.

Adapted For Your Needs

Whether you need a smaller engine or a larger one, the Tipo can be accustomed to your requirements. With an engine size choice of 1.3 litres to 1.6 litres in either petrol or diesel, you can also choose 4 trim levels and the option to get this smart Tipo as a 5 door hatchback, 4 door hatchback, or Station Wagon – the choice is yours, whether you’re on a journey as a family, a couple, or a young professional!

Fiat Tido Sat Nav

Sleek Interior Design

Inside the Tipo you can expect to find a high-definition 7 inch touchscreen, LIVE system, which gives the car UConnectivity, allowing users to pinch and swipe the screen like a tablet. This handy feature means you can stay entertained and connected for each and every journey, through the use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which provides user-friendly smartphone usage for drivers.

Notoriously Brilliant

In 1988, the Fiat Tipo first debuted itself as a family car with three body variants – the chassis Tempra, the classic saloon, and the station-wagon. The original Tipo had less flexibility in comparison to the 2018 new version, with merely two trim levels, reflecting that the car has now become more capable of satisfying every driver’s requirements, along with its age.

Fiat Tido

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