Fiat e-Ducato Just Arrived and Available to Order

Added: 20 April 2021

Fiat e-Ducato range parked next to each other

Fiat has introduced and rolled out the e-Ducato which is now available to order. It’s Fiat’s first go at a zero-emissions commercial vehicle and so it will take its place in what is becoming an increasingly popular marketplace. As more focus is being put on having a zero-emissions world, more car manufacturing companies are attempting to remove those vehicles that are powered by fuels like petrol and diesel, by 2030.

Fiat e-Ducato costs

The all-electric Fiat e-Ducato starts from £59,699. This includes VAT but the figure does include the Government’s £8,000 plug-in vant grant that’s available for any owner to claim. The first deliveries will be arriving in May.

The arrival of the van has seen Fiat try to keep costs low whilst also being competitive in its configurations that are available. Buyers can pick from three different lengths, wheel bases and heights to suit every individual that’s interested in this vehicle. There’s also an option of a chassis cab and passenger variant. The passenger variant can carry either five or nine people, which is a good sized amount.

What are the features of e-Ducato?

With two trim levels to choose from, you’ve got the standard model that comes with heated door mirrors, as well as automatic climate control for comfort and a multifunction steering wheel. As well as a tablet mount and five-inch touch screen, its got everything needed for commercial vehicles.


Featuring a brace of safety technology, lane departure warnings and traffic sign recognition, this can all be great for a bigger vehicle such as Fiat Vans. The vehicle also comes fitted with a smartphone application to track the position of the vehicle, immobilising it if the van has been stolen. If you’re after something a bit more lavish, then the eTecnico model starts from £63,299. This adds in a rear parking camera and a seven-inch infotainment system to name but a few.

Safety & comfort

For safety on the road, the van has autonomous emergency braking and 270-degree opening rear doors for easy access. As well as a slide side door, there’s helpful anchor points for where cargo would usually sit, along with a steel partition placed at the back. With four driving modes, it helps to balance both performance and efficiency.

Motor & battery packs

e-Ducatos’s electric motor sits on the front axle, providing up to 121bhp and 280Nm of torque. The motor allows the vehicle to haul a load of up to 1,885kg and can reach top speeds of up to 62mph. Buyers can pick from a choice of 47kWh or 79kWh battery packs. The ranges of these are a maximum of 113 and 230 miles. This larger battery pack of 79kWh adds a whopping £15,000 to e-Ducato’s starting price. The on-board charger can charge the battery back up in four hours.Nearly identical in styling and body to the diesel model, Fiat assures its buyers that it provides the same carry capacity as the battery is mounted under the floor.

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