What is Covered in a Fiat Commercial Van Service?

Added: 13 July 2021

A commercial Fiat vehicle parked in a showroom next to a technician

Fiat Commercial Van Service

When you own a commercial fiat vehicle, you will need to keep it in excellent physical condition to get the best functioning out of it. The dealer who sells you your car will let you know your servicing schedule, which checks for malfunction and renews any rundown fiat commercial parts. During scheduled maintenance checks, brakes, coolant, all fluid levels, including oil, are changed or filled but must be checked, but this depends on miles traveled or miles traveled.

Purchasing your fiat always comes with an excellent warranty and after-sales service. During the warranty period, your vehicle is covered for problems that may arise during the period the warranty is valid. Replacement components needed to fix issues that arise during this period, all repair work, the quality and supply of features required for the repairs are all covered by the warranty.  

Your fiat vehicle service also involves the following,

  • Expert technicians who answer all your questions on all matters regarding your fiat commercial vehicle.
  • A dedicated team that commits to ensuring you and your vehicle receive the very best of care and after-sales service

The extensive after-sales team is always on hand to deal with all your queries regarding the excellent vehicle's health. Here is a detailed look at what your fiat commercial vehicle service comprises.

Service Plans

Here are some fiat commercial vehicle service plans designed to take care of you and your vehicle to ensure you have peace of mind as you drive your fiat commercial van around.

Easy Care

The easy-care service plan makes it easy to budget for your vehicles' servicing needs so that your car functions best and lives its longest. You can purchase EASY CARE at the time of purchasing your vehicle through FCA Bank.

Easy care sales promotion service plan

For a new fiat owner, you can purchase a 3-year easy-care servicing plan. This easy-care servicing plan goes for £299 and is available for any Fiat vehicle purchased between April and June 2021. Terms and conditions apply, and this is available for retail purchases only.

Easy Care Sales Promotion

This service plan is available for all customers who buy the New 500. It covers three years of servicing for £299. In addition, all new customers who buy this receive a free charging cable bag. The plan runs between one year and five years, and prices range between £99 and £499.

Service Care

After clocking one year, this plan is available for you to budget for your vehicle's servicing requirements. It is designed to ensure you never miss a vital service. It is a maintenance plan that includes 2 or 3 services. It consists of all fiat commercial parts needed, fluids, and labor necessary during your vehicle's routine maintenance.

Oil Care

This helps you manage the costs of maintaining your vehicle so that it remains in excellent working condition. It includes a three-engine capacity range, the number of oil changes you would like, and 1 to 5 oil filter replacements. The central systems and components of your car are also checked several times.

Sara- Service activated roadside assistance

SARA is a one-year assistance product that enables you to enjoy your fiat without stressing. The plan is good Europe-wide, so you do not have to worry wherever you drive to. The service is valid for vehicles up to 15 years old and is free as part of a package offered by FCA- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles- Authorized Service Network.

What Does a Fiat Commercial Service Include?

If you want to take your vehicle for servicing and are in an area new to you, search the internet for 'fiat commercial servicing near me.' You will get a list of options you can contact. When you find an ideal place to take your vehicle, you can expect the following checks to ensure your vehicle remains in top functioning condition.

  • SAT Nav upgrades

The SAT Nav upgrade allows you to choose what you want to fit your car with and includes a wide range of SAT Nav and multimedia systems. You can also select connectivity with smartphones and in-car systems based on navigation.

  • Air conditioning check

When a vehicles' air conditioning system is left unserviced or not used for some time, fungi and bacteria can grow from the build-up of humidity combining with engine warmth. Such a situation poses a risk due to the build-up of bacteria, which can cause medical complications such as allergic reactions, sore throats, colds, and coughs, as well as causing unpleasant stenches. 

In addition, refrigerant gas escapes at a rate of about 10% annually, resulting in more fuel consumption when the car's system has to work harder when it loses its gas. Therefore, Fiat professionals offer both antibacterial cleansing and full air conditioning check. The full service involves a replacement of refrigerant, checks for leaks, correct temperature of the gas, for the effective operation of the cooling fan.

  • General Checks

Check your tires, exhaust, brakes, lights, and steering operations. Also, making sure your engine is tuned to run in excellent condition. Hydraulic fluid and coolant levels are also checked. It also involves checking the cooling system from radiators, hoses, and pumps.

  • Engine Checks

The technicians check your engine for issues, correct oil disposal, and replacement.

  • Fluid levels that include oil, coolant, and brakes are checked.

How Does a Service Differ from a Commercial MOT

An MOT is a legal requirement that requires you to have your car tested for roadworthiness. On the other hand, your manufacturer can set out a service designed to keep your vehicle in top functioning condition. Therefore, a car that passes its MOT can be on the road by law, yet it may not be running in optimal condition.

Service and an MOT check related things, but service goes beyond checking and replacing parts to improve a vehicle's performance, lifespan, and economy. For example, seat belt anchorages and tire tread depth are part of both an MOT and service check. A mandatory MOT is necessary, but so too a service.

How Long Do Services Tend to Need In-between Them?

The time in between services should be at least a year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, it is crucial to refer to a manufacturer's manual to know how often your car needs servicing. Most vehicle manufacturers may suggest you schedule your service 15,000 miles, 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, 90,000 miles, and so on.

Regular service prevents common causes of expensive repairs, breakdown, and ensures you get the highest resale value for your vehicle should you decide to sell it later. At 15,000 miles, your vehicle is fresh and new, and minimal service is needed at that time. But some services are necessary a lot more often before you get to the 15,000 mi. mark.

At 3000 to 7000 miles, your engine is in top condition, but an oil change is necessary at those miles reading.

  • Check all fluid levels – Top Up as needed
  • Oil Change – drained and replaced
  • Check air filters –replace as needed
  • Tires rotated and balanced

At 30,000 miles

  • Additionally, check brakes and also replace them if necessary.
  • Shock and suspension check.
  • Check fuel filter and replace as needed.

At 60,000 Miles,

  • Inspect brake rotors and replace them when necessary
  • Replace the battery as needed
  • Check belts and hoses for wear and replace as required.

At 90,000 miles,

  • Bottom to top inspection
  • Check spark plugs and replace them as is necessary
  • Inspect vehicle safety technology features.

What Importance and Benefits Does a Vehicle Service History Give the Owner?

A service record proves that a vehicle has had all required servicing as suggested by the manufacturer. It records actual filter and oil change and replacement of radiator and exhaust, the clutch, and the suspension brush. The vehicle has been well maintained.

A good service record is evidence of the worth of a car. When a vehicle owner has a good service record, the vehicle's value appreciates should the owner choose to sell. A car that has stayed within its warranty does not need to be serviced by a franchised dealer. However, you must fit quality parts and the service schedule maintained to avoid voiding the warranty.

Are Fiat commercial services expensive?

Fiat service prices are pretty modest. An interim service costs about £104.99 on average, while an interim service with MOT costs about £129.99. Full service may cost £164.99 on average, while full service plus MOT averages £184.99. A major service would cost on average £214.99.

So if you have a fiat commercial van, there is no reason not to take it for service. We hope the guide above sheds light on facts about fiat commercial services. Your vehicle will thank you for being kind to it and taking it for service as is necessary, and you will get good value for your money.