Drivers Warned About Using Their Phone While Driving

Added: 20 June 2017

Using your phone while being in control of a vehicle has been illegal since the end of 2003, and since 2007 being caught doing so carried a £100 fine and three penalty points on your licence. Using your phone behind the wheel creates a distraction and slows down your reaction time. An operation undertaken in November 2016 caught out several thousand motorists who were fined by the police. This prompted a change in the law and as of March this year both the penalty points and fine were doubled. Anyone caught using their phone while driving will receive six points on your licence and a whopping £200 fine.

Can I Lose My Licence?

If you have held your driving licence for less than two years then getting caught using your phone will be a lot more serious than a fine and penalty points. Six points is enough to get your licence revoked, leaving your car stuck on the driveway until you are able to retake your test.

Can I Use Hands-Free?

Although using a hands-free phone kit isn’t illegal you can still be prosecuted if police believe using it has altered your ability to drive in a safe manner or the use of it has resulted in an accident. We’d advise you only use a hands-free kit if absolutely necessary.

New Technology

Apple is bringing in a new update that will allow iPhone users to turn on a driving mode. This will prevent the sending or receiving of messages and texts and will remove the temptation to use a phone while driving. It’s expected that the update will be released later this year.

Our Advice

The best way to avoid a fine and points on your licence is to put your phone out of sight where you aren’t tempted to use it. If you need to send a text, make a call or use the internet pull over in a safe place and switch your engine off. You can still be prosecuted if you are using your phone with your car engine running!