Discover the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo

Added: 24 January 2019

fiat doblo

A three-time winner of the What Van? “Light Van of the Year” award, the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo offers plenty of practicality with its sizeable payload of up to a whole tonne, but also the driving experience and comfort that fleet drivers expect thanks to its advanced bi-link suspension system.

A light van for every mission

Superior comfort and dynamics are the hallmarks of the Professional Doblo Cargo, with a variety of versions to meet a wide range of needs. Fiat light commercial vehicles offer excellence whether it’s with the High-Roof or Standard wheelbase versions, the transport-oriented XL and Maxi versions, or the Combi version which is excellently suited for transporting both cargo and people alike.

An engine for every mission

Fiat’s motto for the Professional Doblo Cargo is “an engine for every mission”, with options suited to city driving, highway driving, and those who regularly find themselves in various kinds of environments. It comes with a wide range of options, including a 95 MPI petrol, four-cylinder inline engine, 95 MultiJet2 engine, and a larger diesel 120 MultiJet2 engine. Whichever you choose, you’re going to have an efficient engine, designed to offer low running costs, while still promising high torque at any speed and superior performance.

A loadout for every mission

As if the payload didn’t offer enough practicality, there are a range of accessories you can purchase to make sure you get the most use out of your vehicle, as drivers have come to expect from. The Fiat Professional can be fitted with bespoke aluminium roof racks, side ladder holder on roof bars, loading rollers, and a conduit box midwall for storing different lengths of pipe. It’s not just the carry capacity, but the sheer versatility of the Professional Doblo Cargo that makes it such a trusted vehicle amongst professionals.

Safety you can rely on

The Professional Doblo Cargo also brings with it a safety and security that professionals rely on when they’re on the road to keep both themselves and their inventory safe. This is accomplished by features like the TPMS system, which keeps you updated on the tyre pressure, alerting you to any issues. A stable, safe drive is further guaranteed thanks to the speed limiter and cruise control systems, which keep performance consistent and reliable.

An electronic stability system is there to ensure safety, first and foremost, in emergency situations. Monitoring grip, speed, steering wheel angle and much more, it uses the sophisticated on-board computer to ensure the braking and torque systems provide stability while the superior traction control system, Traction+, improves your grip on loose and slippery road conditions.

Come discover the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo at Ian Grieve in Falkirk

If you want to learn more about the different versions of the Fiat Professional Doblo Cargo or simply get your hands on it yourself to experience the superior performance, comfort, and handling, come down to Ian Grieve. We’re glad to offer you a test drive and help you discover this multi-award-winning Fiat panel van. Or you can contact us today.