Discover the New Fiat Doblo Van

Added: 04 April 2019


At Ian Grieve, we’re delighted to offer the entire Fiat Professional Range of Fiat Panel Vans. This includes the brand-new Fiat Doblo Cargo Van, which is proving to be incredibly popular amongst many of our customers.

If you’re looking for a new van to help improve your service or offer greater driving comfort, then this could be the one for you. Check out all the key details of the fantastic Fiat Doblo Cargo down below:

Large Internal Volume

Naturally, when you’re buying a new van, you need to ensure there’s enough room inside for storage. The great news is, the new Doblo Cargo comes with a substantial internal volume capacity up to 5.4 cubic metres. This means there’s more than enough space to store any trade goods, equipment, or anything else you need to keep in your panel van.

Easy Access

This new offering from the Fiat Professional range is designed to make life easier for you. There are double doors on the rear-end that make it simple to look inside and move things to and from the back of the van. Or, if you need quicker access, there are doors on either side that allow you to get what you need right away. As such, you could store a lot of things you regularly use near these two side doors, meaning you have ease of access as and when you please.

Packed Full of Safety Features

Of course, you need to feel safe when driving your van, and the new Fiat Doblo Cargo is crammed full of top-class safety and security features. This includes state-of-the-art cruise control and speed limiter, along with specially designed traction control. There’s also something called TPMS that continually monitors your tyre pressure and tells you when they’ve dipped below their ideal point via the onboard display. Then, you have the innovative ESC system that automatically takes control in emergency situations. It can prevent accidents and help your vehicle maintain stability if you’re ever out of control.

Professional & Stylish Design

As you would expect from a Fiat vehicle, you’ve got something that looks fantastically stylish. The design is very sleek and professional, which instantly improves the reputation of whoever is driving it. If you roll up to jobs in one of these vans, you will make a very good impression on your clients. It just looks impressive, and things are arguably even better on the inside. You have a gorgeous and modern interior that provides you with added comfort on those long journeys.

If you’re interested in the new Fiat Doblo Cargo, then please get in touch with us today. We’ll provide you with any additional information you’re after, as well as offering some excellent finance deals too. We’re the number one place to go for the Fiat Professional range, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this van. It’s comfortably one of the most beautiful and practical panel vans out there right now, making it the perfect investment for your business.