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Added: 18 December 2019

Fiat Professional Talento

The FIAT Talento panel van 2020 model is here. Do you want to learn more about its debut? Are you interested in why it's bringing record performance and consolidating its reputation as the industry leader? Then you've come to the right place. At Ian Grieve, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the information they need to make informed buying decisions.

Don't delay, find out why the FIAT Talento panel van is a purchase that you can't miss.

What Makes It Popular?

There's a reason motorist can't wait for the new release - the Talento's functionality. Whereas cars can get away with being more stylish than substantial, a van needs to offer practicality first. The FIAT Talento does this thanks to its cabin size and load capacity, the latter of which fits almost every situation or scenario. Available in two new heights, lengths and wheelbases, it's ideal for professionals. With a load volume of up to 8.6 cubic metres and raised roof trim, it's easy to see why.

What Sets It Apart?

When a new model hits the market, vehicle-lovers and potential customers want to know about the new features. The FIAT Talento panel van doesn't disappoint in this regard. The main upgrade is the engine, the new 2-litre EcoJet engine, which offers lots of benefits to Talento owners. Aside from a smoother ride due to its variable geometry turbocharger, it also performs brilliantly in low and high speeds as it is available in three different power ratings (120 HP, 145 HP, and 170 HP).

Of course, modern motorists need more than speed and performance, and that's why there is an emphasis on fuel economy. The FIAT Talento is 11% more efficient thanks to the EcoJet power unit and turbocharger, both of which lower fuel consumption. And, for drivers who want gadgets, the Talento doesn't fall short of the mark. The 2020 model is slated to include a 7" Touch-Radio Nav device that is Apple CarPlay ready and Android AutoTM compatible in its infotainment system.

Your entertainment doesn't come at the expense of lower safety and comfort. To begin with, the CarPlay device is automated and uses Siri to provide instructions and answer calls and messages. Therefore, there's no need to miss an alert or take your eyes off the road. Regarding comfort, the seats are ergonomic and the features positioned to ensure driving is simpler.

Why Choose Ian Grieve?

With lots of suppliers to pick from, why should you go with us? The answer centres on our added value. Firstly, we can give you every detail you need to make an informed decision without boring you with unnecessary information. As industry specialists, we understand the things you want to know about, such as the Talento's 43.5 mpg or £250 road tax.

At Ian Grieve, we back up our promises, and that's why you can book your test drive now. That's right - you don't have to take a risk when you buy with Ian Grieve. Our team works hard to bring you the best offers, so get in touch and speak to an experienced member of our team.