Discover the 2019 Subaru Forester

Added: 18 February 2019

Subaru Forrester

Typically, there are very few distinct differences between new models of a vehicle from year to year. Usually, the changes are purely cosmetic and have a low level of impact on the actual ride itself. This isn’t the case with the new Subaru Forester 2019. It’s not a facelift at all but rather a completely new design, guaranteed to improve the ride and also the performance. Let’s dive deep into this new model and discover exactly what changes have been made.


The new Forester is bigger and bulkier than previous Subaru Forester had been, and this is good news for drivers. It means that the interior of the vehicle provides a staggering level of space and beats other typical coupe type SUVs. For instance, there’s an extra 30 mm of wheel space. This means that while the car looks a little higher, there’s also a lot more space for your legs.

In terms of interior space, the vehicle actually matches the Subaru Outback with 1003 litres when the seats are up. As well as this, the tailgate of the car is also impressive with a tremendous width design to make things easy for drivers.

A Silent Ride

Those who hate road noise will be absolutely thrilled with the new Forester. The 18-inch rims cause very little road noise at all when inside the vehicle. Indeed, the car offers a solid level of separation from the outside world so you won’t have to worry about things becoming too loud to handle.

As well as being silent on the roads, the car also runs beautifully. This means that the vehicle is designed to take on all different types of terrain. Indeed, it’s off-road where this vehicle really excels. You might have been worried that, like other SUVs, the Forester is a 4x4 in name only, but this isn’t the case. Test drives have shown the Forester can handle the toughest environments and tracks that would stump or startle more basic SUVs. So, if you’re looking for a practical fun car on the slopes then this should definitely be a number one pick.


The new Forester even has a fresh engine which provides a fantastic new level of power as well as perky paddle shifters. This is designed to provide some compensation for drivers who miss the manual gearbox that is no longer part of the design of these vehicles.

The car also provides a Sport Sharp mode. It could be fantastic fun to engage this option when you are truly eager to test the legs of the vehicle on track and on the tarmac. It’s claimed that this option will provide a more aggressive throttle mapping that exceeds the limitations of the typical Sports mode.

The Forester also offers a fantastic level of braking. Indeed, the car is able to stop, smoothly and quickly, maintaining a straight line with little to no hesitation on the road.

The bottom line is that the new Forester isn’t a small step forward, it’s a complete revolution. It’s guaranteed to provide thrill and practicality to buyers interested in making the upgrade. Contact us today to find out more.