What Can I Do If My Car Gets Stolen?

Added: 20 February 2018

Having your car stolen is a traumatic experience that can be difficult to come to terms with. In such times of panic it’s to be expected that you might not be thinking as clearly and logically as normal, however having a set of guidelines and steps to help you through the situation can help you massively.

Hopefully you’ll never have to use this guide, but if the time does come, we hope you find it helpful:

Are You Sure Your Car Has Been Stolen?

Stolen Car

It sounds like an obvious and silly thing to ask yourself, but everyone’s been in that situation where you’re sure you parked in a certain spot, but it turns out you’d completely lost your mind and you actually parked in the other side of the car park – so take in a deep breathe and think for a minute. There’s also the possibility that your car might have been towed so you could save yourself a lot of stress by checking the impound before making a stolen vehicle report.

It’s Time to Call the Police

Now you’re sure your car hasn’t been towed or misplaced, you may well actually be a member of the stolen-car club. In which case, you should call the police immediately (the sooner the better). The police will ask you to file an official report whereby you’ll tell them all there is to know about your stolen-car: the VIN number (now would be a good time to write it down and keep it in an accessible place), the make and model of your car, and where you last had it. If you have a tracking device, like a TRACKER Retrieve, you should give that information to the police as well. When you’ve made the report, be sure to keep a copy of it on file because you’ll need it for you insurance claim.

Report the Stolen Car to Your Insurance Company

No matter what kind of insurance policy you’ve got you should always report your stolen car to your insurance provider as it’s important for them to know you’re not in possession of your vehicle. The next steps in the process after you’ve reported your stolen car to your insurance company depends on what kind of policy you hold.

If your insurance company pays out a claim for your stolen-car, it’s important you then tell the DVLA that the car no longer belongs to you and has been bought by the insurance company.

Improve your vehicle security by fitting a TRACKER


Fitting a tracking device to your car has been a key factor towards the recent decline in car crime reported by the ONS; so as a preventative measure all of the associated costs of having your car stolen can potentially be mitigated. Alongside this are the savings you’ll get on your insurance premium as insurance companies feel that adding tracking devices to vehicles is a known reducer of the likelihood of theft.

To find out more about which TRACKER is right for you please go to our information page here and you’ll be taken through all of the different devices the market leading company have to offer.