Can I Buy The Jeep Trackhawk In The UK?

Added: 26 January 2018

If you love an SUV, you will love the New Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk!

This exquisite model combines the classic large body of an SUV with a muscle of a power car for all day-to-day needs. 

Almighty Engine

The power of this almighty Jeep comes from under its bonnet, where a 6.2 litre supercharged V8 697bhp engine, making this the fasted acceleration of an SUV! The Trackhawk easily gets from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds, and a 60-0 stop in only 114 feet with the help of the largest front brake pads ever fitted to a Jeep. The cooling system in the engine keeps the motor 140 degrees Fahrenheit during its performance, which allows air to flow up to 30,000 litres per minute. To handle this hefty engine, this Jeep model is fitted with 4 exhausts that are stylishly finished with 3-inch black chrome quad exhaust tips, showing off the power of the car in a silent yet elegant manner.

Easy Handling

This four-wheel drive has an 8-speed automatic gearbox to allow the utmost driving ease when covering any and every terrain. Designed to fill all SUV needs, the Trackhawk has ‘Selec-Track’, a Traction Management System, which allows the driver to adjust the cars 4-wheel driving system to suit their needs, whether the conditions are snow or mud, Auto, Sport, Track, Snow and Tow modes make driving easier than ever to handle, allowing the car to tow 7,200lbs!

Interior Excellence

Not only does driving the Trackhawk make you feel powerful, but Performance Pages also let you know the power of the car! Performance timers and gauge readouts provide every driver with information of the cars performance, measuring horsepower and torque so you can have a functional snapshot on a USB. This feature gives drivers the ability to monitor the health and efficiency of the hefty engine, ensuring the SUV is smooth inside and out.

Comfort And Style For All

The open sunroof gives passengers an amazing view of every landscape with comfort and style. This combines with the interior design to ensure the car is ambient for every journey, enhanced with LED lights, dashboard in lays, a real metal trim, and Alpine surround sound system. On top of this, the driver gets cool ventilated seats and a heated steering wheel, so even on the snowiest of trips, you won’t feel cold!

How Is It Different?

If you love the regular Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Trackhawk is a dream! Whilst the interior is similar to that of the classic, it’s larger and more powerful engine makes it bigger and stronger than the original model – the perfect upgrade for any SUV lover.

When Is It Available

Although the Trackhawk is already available in the US, is it set to be coming to the UK market around April this year, so Jeep fans won’t have to wait long!

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