How To: Basic Car Maintenance

Added: 30 May 2017

A recent survey has revealed that an alarming number of motorists don’t know where to start with undertaking basic car maintenance. From checking tyres to topping up the oil it can be confusing as to where to start. Many drivers are taught the basics of what is under a bonnet while learning to drive but once a problem arises they aren’t sure what to do next. Here are some top tips on basic car care!

Check your tyres

Your tyres are the one component of your car that are in constant contact with the road, and they take a bit of a beating throughout the year. You should check your tyres on a regular basis, looking for cuts and bulges, checking tyre pressure and tyre tread. A quick and easy way to check the tyre tread is to grab a 20p coin, place it in the tread, and if you can see the outer band of the coin then it’s time to get your tyres changed!

Fluid Levels

It is important to familiarise yourself with what is under the bonnet of your car. Make sure you know how to check and top up your windscreen wash fluid, oil and coolant. These are all vital for the smooth running of your car.

Lights and Indicators

You should make sure that all the bulbs on your car are working properly, failure to do so could not only land you in trouble with the police but presents a danger to yourself and other road users. Ask a friend or family member to walk around your car while you test the lights and indicators to make sure they are all working. Be sure to head straight to your nearest automotive shop or garage if you find one of your car bulbs is faulty.

Protect your paintwork

Throughout the year your car takes a bit of a battering, whether it’s the weather or an unfortunate meeting with another road user, your paintwork can be left with a lot to be desired. Make sure you regularly clean your car and keep the paintwork in a good condition, this prevents rust and other damage.

Going Abroad

If you’re getting ready to drive abroad then it is important that you carry out all the above checks on your vehicle before you set off. Make sure you also check your car insurance covers you for a breakdown abroad, just in case!

Book a service

Of course, if you don't have time to do this in your busy schedule or you want an expert opinion, just book a service with us! We’ll check everything over and have you back on the road in no time.