4x4 Pick-up Scotland

Added: 02 May 2019

4x4 Pick-up Scotland

Are you searching for ‘4x4 Pick-up Scotland’ because you are seeking the ultimate 4x4 pick-up? If so, then you’re in the right place. Here at Ian Grieve, located in Falkirk, midway between Glasgow & Edinburgh in Scotland we sell a wide range of pick-up trucks, off-road vehicles and SUV that are both practical and high-performing. Take a look at some of the best products we have to offer, and see which one impresses you the most:

ISUZU D-Max Utility Range

ISUZU is known for making 4x4 pick-up trucks that pack a mean punch. With the D-Max utility range, you have three great options to choose from. Don’t need much room in the cab? Then the single cab offering can save you money and still offer 4x4 capabilities. Want to extend the room a bit? Then there’s an extended cab version that’s perfect for you. Lastly, if you need more space, then the Dual Cab option is perfect. All of these come with beastly 1.9l engines and plenty of space at the back.

ISUZU D-Max Premium Range

If you want something a little bit better than the utility range, then you can choose from any of these options in the Premium range:

Isuzu Eiger
Isuzu Yukon
Isuzu Utah
Isuzu The Blade
Isuzu AT35 Arctic Trucks

Feel free to visit our dealership or give us a call, and we can explain the features of each one and find out which one might be best for you. They’re all 4x4, so there’s nothing to worry about there, and they come with 3 cab variations as well - single, extended, and dual.

Fiat Fullback

Coming in hot from the Fiat Professional range, we have the Fiat Fullback. This brings you all the quality associated with Fiat, but in the form of a pickup truck with four-wheel drive. It’s one of the first pickup trucks in the world with an all-aluminium engine, which helps make the truck feel incredible lightweight - while retaining all the power. As you would expect from a pick-up truck, it’s got off-road capabilities to help you get to all your jobs. Plus, there are some excellent safety features - like a massive 7 airbags - to keep you nice and secure while driving.

Fiat Fullback Special Edition

Lastly, we have a special version of the Fiat Fullback. This is basically a supercharged version of the Fullback, with all the extra trimmings that you don’t get in the standard version. It has more safety features, more technology, more power, and some other exciting extras as well. Available as a double cab, you get enough space up front to fit at least four people. This makes it ideal for when you have to work with a team on the same job! The additional power and features mean you get more pulling power and the ability to hold heavier loads as well, which is always a bonus.

Come over to Ian Grieve if you’re after the best 4x4 pick-up in Scotland. We’ll run through our full range with you, explaining all the key features for you. Tell us your needs, and we’ll find the ultimate pick-up for you and your budget. We specialise in off-road vehicles and SUVs as well. So, if there’s anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!